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In this tiny space of the web called Brainstorm, you will find articles on general topics like science, math, fantasy, you know, the average brainiac stuff. And yes, I said aloha. I was born and raised in Hawaii, I have a Filipino father and Hawaiian-Chinese mother. I’m local to da max (with Kaima`aina discount and everyting bu!). But anyway, these topics are what I seriously like to think about.

You can use the overhead menu to browse the categories or the side menu to quickly get to recent posts or comments. Feel free to comment on posts. I usually write something at least once every two weeks, maybe more or less (I do get busy though, so that might go down, especially since I’m still a college student) but never below once a month. If there are spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes, feel free to send me an email at atutorinhawaii@gmail.com.

I hope you find the articles interesting and insightful. There are serious posts, more relaxed posts, but all posts are just something to think about.

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The Lady or the Tiger?

Often times, we stumble upon interesting pieces of literature, literature so interesting that we say to ourselves, “Hey, this story is very good and I bet there is a lot of people who would appreciate this!” The Lady or the Tiger is one of them.

Continue reading

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Local v.s. Hawaiian

The world is huge. People should travel once in a while and learn something about the diversity of the world. Continue reading

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Mafia: A Game You Have to Know How to Play

Maybe you have heard of it, you probably haven’t, the game Mafia. I didn’t know of it until about 3 years ago. That means I have spent about 19 years not knowing it. Dark times indeed. Continue reading

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Higher Math: It’s not all just Numbers

While working through school, most people stop at algebra and that’s it.  But math is broader than just numbers. Math has to also assume concepts and ideas, and that’s when things get fun. Keep reading and get a glimpse at some real treats- mathematical proofs and special topics in Calculus. Continue reading

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Busy Busy Busy

My apologies again. School has started up and it has been a really busy. The semester is now entering its fourth week, and I cannot believe it has been that fast. Homework was piled on the very first week and hasn’t let up. Continue reading

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The Matter of Thought

“Cogito ergo sum.” (Latin meaning ‘I think therefore I am’) -Rene Descartes

Have you ever wondered what thoughts are? If I had to tell you about one of my ideas that I thought was pretty philosophical, I would have to tell you about the idea that came to me as I was walking through campus. That day, I was wrapped up in thoughts about, well… thought! What is a thought made of, what was the stuff of thoughts, the speed of a thought, the properties of ideas, a

nd things like that. Continue reading

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Worlds without Number

And worlds without number have I created” –The Book of Moses

In the sacred scriptures, the Lord says unto Moses, “And worlds without number have I created“. Have you ever wondered the possibilities of other worlds? Have you ever imagined what’s floating out there in space? Continue reading

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